The Fairgrounds Experience

Tales from the Fairgrounds, vol. 1

Carolina Creation is a local company in specializing in custom tee shirts, vinyl signs and promotional products. We also create custom cornhole bags, stickers, and vehicle decals.

Recently we started attending the NC State Fairgrounds as a vender for the Raleigh Flea Market. On an average weekend, one could expect to see thousands of people passing through, and that type of exposure for a small business like ours is priceless.

Not all the venders here are small businesses however. From my observations, I’ve see plenty of antique dealers, jewelry collectors, sunglass huts, woodcraftsman, and food trailers. And that is just to name a few. There is no shortage of a variety of things you will find here. And that, in my opinion, is what makes the fairgrounds so special. To have so many shopping choices all located in one place. And the best part is, parking and admission is absolutely free.

So here we go. We have ourselves 2 easy up Coleman tents, a handful of tables, a couple boxes of sample shirts for display and for sale, plenty of signage and banners to let the passers-by know who we are and what we do. Throw in few hundred business cards, my IPod to keep us entertained, and even a foursquare check in special, and we are set for the weekend.

Lucky for us, the weather in NC is usually pretty great, and our first weekend here was no exception. Sunny, warm, and with a nice breeze. It probably hovered around 82 degrees the whole time. Of course, we are sitting comfortable in the shade under the protection of our multiple tents. But still a great view from the inside looking out.

We run this business from our home office, so most of the interactions we get with customers are via the telephone and email. So being able to talk with folks face to face is such a pleasure. I’ve found that people don’t seem to be shy if they have questions either. The key for us here is to remain approachable. Nothing worse than when you are looking at some items in someone’s booth and they are sitting in the back reading a magazine paying no attention to you and the questions that you may have.

To make a long story a little longer, we have spent the last 2 weekends at the NC State Fairgrounds, and so far we have met oodles of people. And when I say met, I mean have had a conversation with, business related or otherwise. I have lost count of how many ‘how do you do’s’ and smiles have taken place, but trust me when I say, there have been plenty.

If you are in the area, and would like to come down and say hello, please do. Mention this blog, and I’ll give you a custom beverage wrench for your troubles.

Also, stay tuned, as I’ll do my best to continue with the updates on our progress, and maybe even drop a few names for our clients to help get them some exposure.

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